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Harley-Davidson Trike 5 to 4 Wire Convertor
This basic wiring harness automatically converts from a 5 wire system to a 4 wire system, saving the headaches of cutting and splicing.
Chrome Plated Hitch Ball
1 7/8" Hitch Ball is secured in place by a thread in 3/4" bolt from the bottom.
With no threads exposed to grind off.
Swivel Hitch Coupler
Swivel Hitch Coupler fits the Standard, 2" SQUARE tongue
Horizontal Receiver Adapter
This standard type receiver works with all your existing slip in horizontal accessories.
Powered Isolator Relay Wiring Harness
This allows current for the trailer lights or bike accessories to be drawn directly from the battery using the bikes stock lighting circuits only to switch the four relays on and off as needed.
This is recommended for trailers with lots of extra lights or
when running multiple accessories on bike.
Harley-Davidson Pig Tail Wiring Harness
Bike Side plug-in wiring harness for a motorcycle trailer.

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