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Motorcycle Sidecars

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Sidecars are our specialty, and we have a diverse selection of motorcycle sidecars to choose from. Besides the many models of sidecars DMC makes, we represent other manufacturers such as: Champion, Watsonian, EZS and more! A quality sidecar specialist isn't expensive, they are priceless!

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Motorcycle trikes are very comfy for both driver and passenger, and are much easier to drive than a two wheel motorcycle. Motorcycle trikes get attention, turn heads, and are quite simply a joy to drive. DMC Sidecars has everything you'll need, including trike conversion hardware & accessories.

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Triple Trees

DMC Sidecars offers triple trees for most bikes. In fact, we have about 100 different bikes we offer these for. Please call us for details!

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Sidecar Mounts

DMC Sidecars manufactures and supplies only the finest mounting parts and hardware for sidecars. New and old sidecars of all brands have passed through our doors. All of our mounting hardware sub frames come powder coated black, and is created using the highest quality materials for your safety and security!

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Motorcycle Hitches

DMC Sidecars designs custom motorcycle trailer hitches and mounting hardware using only the highest quality materials. We are a supplier to many other sidecar dealers and manufacturers, and welcome dealer inquiries.

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Fabrication & Custom Work

Motorcycle sidecar and Trike drivers may discover a change in the Motorcycle geometry that produces very heavy steering challenges associated with how different the motorcycle steers and turns with an attached third wheel. Although some folks accept the heavy steering, you don't have to!

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