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M72D Sidecar

A comfortable single contoured seat, floor mat, shown with old style light, fuel canister, and an upgraded BMW wheel. Features fiberglass body construction with a distinctive vintage style. Included with the sidecar is bolt on bike/sidecar mounts, and, are available for a wide variety of motorcycles. Explore the back roads with the DMC Sidecars M72D! We also have made the M72D available for both right-hand side mounting (North/South America/Europe) and left-hand side mounting (Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand & Japan).

Product Features

  • Bike Specific heavy duty mounts
  • Gel-coat finish
  • DOT approved lights
  • Integrated wiring harness
  • Floor mat


  • Sidecar body is 76 inches long
  • Sidecar body is 22 inches wide
  • Sidecar body with the fender is 35 inches wide
  • Sidecar seat hip room is 17 inches
  • Leg room is 41 inches
  • Trunk space is 125 cubic litres
  • 14 inches of ground clearance
  • A "Hagon" shock absorber and swing arm assembly provide the suspension for a smooth ride

Base Pricing

Standard model included, heavy duty bike specific mounts, gel-coat finish, DOT lights, integrated wiring harness and floor mat$5,995.00

Options Available

Windshield with apron$245.00
Tinted Windshield-Up Charge Only$95.00
Tonneau Cover$195.00
Side Door$95.00
Carpet, Trunk$95.00
Heated Sidecar Seat$300.00
Sidecar Brake, 19" Wire Spoke Wheel$650.00
Sidecar Brake, Automotive Wheel$650.00
Pannier Spare Tire Rack$295.00
Pannier Spare Tire Rack with Wheel and TireCall for Price
Spare tire Cover$195.00
Automotive Wheel Style DNo Charge Upgrade
Automotive Wheel Style ENo charge Upgrade
Automotive Wheel Style FNo charge Upgrade
Paint, Color MatchedPlease Call
Electric Trim/TILT Control$825.00
Front Rack$250.00
Rear Rack$250.00
Heavy Duty Rear Rack$395.00
Heavy Duty Spare Tire Rack$450.00
Fender Rack$250.00
Front Bumper$250.00
Front Bumper with Lights$300.00
Electric Winch$500.00
Tow Hook$45.00
Power Outlet$65.00
Dual USB Port$90.00
Seat Belt$75.00
Trunk Light$65.00
Steering Modifications for MotorcyclePlease Call
Dog Pad$200.00
Sidecar shipping crate$210.00

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