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Watsonian GP700

This is the wide bodied version of the GP sidecar (overall width 40″/1010mm). It seats an adult and child or two children, while retaining the classic looks of the other GP models.The bench seat has a width of 700mm (27.5″) at hip height. This sidecar is suitable for compatible motorcycles over 500cc. It has a rear boot, polished aluminium beading around the nose and stainless steel front chassis sections. The GP700 weighs 100kg (220lbs). All USA purchased sidecars are mounted on the right-hand side of the motorcycle.

Choose from Classic, Jubilee or DL wheel/mudguard options; supplied with hood and tonneau cover as standard.

Prices are subject to international exchange rates and do not include import duties, fees or packaging and shipping.

Product Features

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Call for details

Base Pricing

GP 700 - Classic Model$7,715.10
GP 700 - DL Model$8,345.54
GP 700 - Jubilee Model$9,220.28

Options Available

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